NOVEMBER 2014: Jessica Hendy – “Mysteries, Molecules and the Transatlantic Slave Trade”


Location: Handsworth Library, Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9DP
Date: 5 November 2014, 18.30-20.30

Through this interactive talk the audience will discover the different ways that scientists, archaeologists and historians learn about the transatlantic slave trade. They will also gain an understanding of how the transatlantic slave trade resulted in the spread of disease.

Activities include:

A food-matching game to understand how diseases spread through migration and trade.
Extract your own DNA – understanding how your DNA and disease is related, and what DNA is.
All are welcome but booking is essential. Adults and young people aged 14 plus for the main talk. Separate children’s workshop (ages 7 and over). Refreshments will be available.


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