Hákon Jónsson

Hákon Jónsson


Position: Marie Curie Fellow

ESR8: Developing bioinformatic tools to study biogeographical ancestry
Supervision:  Dr. Ludovic Orlando
Host Institution:  Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen

About me:

I would consider myself a bioinformatician/statistician. My background is in mathematics and I have been focusing on the applied side in my graduate studies. My academic niche is to draw meaningful conclusions from large biological data sets using cross-disciplinary mix of mathematics, programming and biology in that order. I have been working with high throughput biological data sets for few years from various sources. My main interest in the EUROTAST network was the exciting opportunity to construct analytic methods to infer historical events using genetics. Using my technical skills and bioinformatic tools, I will hopefully enable my fellow research collaborators in the network to shed a light on the transatlantic slave trade, in the context of genomic data.