Petr Triska

Petr Triska


Position: Marie Curie Fellow

ESR10: The genetic legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Europe
Supervision:  Dr. Luisa Pereira
Host Institution:  Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular, University of Porto

About me:

I am biologist specialising in phylogeography, which is a research discipline focused on investigating the geographic distribution of genetic variation. I am interested in exploring the variety of influences on human evolutionary history. In particular I seek to understand past geographical migrations, adaptations to ecological conditions and interactions with human-specific parasites. During my masters research I worked on the human-facilitated transmission of malaria to Americas, under the supervision of Dr. Natalia Martinkova. This research required me to learn about the transatlantic slave trade, and this was how my interest began. The transatlantic slave trade enacted one of the most traumatic and yet significant migrations in human history. From a biological perspective, it not only shaped the genetic composition of the entire American continent, but it also introduced numerous diseases into the New World. I believe that my participation in the EUROTAST project will help to shed some light on some of the genetic legacies of the slave trade, thereby bringing forgotten stories back to life.